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Tips To Improve Your Email Blast
Feb 17, 2024

Email blast is good in only one condition when you use it in the right way. Setting up an email blast before understanding your business and available options can ruin your campaign. This effective email marketing method is used to send lots of emails at once.

Today, email marketer uses more personalized ways to set up email campaigns but email blasts are non-personalized. Here, we are going to provide a comprehensive guide to email blasting that is completely based on modern-day marketing practices.

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What is an Email Blast?

Email blast is a process of sending bulk emails with the same message to a particular group of people in one click. Email blasts basically used to send invitations, new update alerts, give offers, and others.

But in some cases, you can make a little bit of changes in your sent emails. This email-sending method is most old method of sending bulk emails.

Currently, most companies use personalized emails to reach out to their audience. You can also consider this if you have a large email list. 

Email blasts and email marketing campaigns are not the same things. You can customize everything in an email marketing campaign. But with an email blast

  • You are required to send Bulk Emails at once
  • No or very minimal personalization 
  • Send emails based on category, time zone, and location.

Why Email Blast is a Better Option Than Other Email Marketing Methods

There are only a few things where setting up an Email Blast can help businesses give better results than others. Here we have a list down

Cost Effective:

No one can beat an Email blast campaign in cost. Most of the tools charge for setting up a personalized email campaign or other benefits. But here you can send bulk messages to a large group of people without spending too much money on buying costly email marketing tools.

You just want to update about something through emails. An attractive headline or a small text message is enough to make them update about something.

Quick and Simple Execution:

Setting up an Email blast for businesses is quick and easy to execute over other marketing methods. You can create a single message and send it to all of your email lists in a short amount of time. This is suitable for time-sensitive promotions or announcements.

Simplicity for Small Businesses:

This can work best for small businesses with limited resources. The email blasts is more accessible and straightforward compared to other email campaigns. It does not require extensive planning and design to send emails.

Immediate Impact:

You can generate quick results from an email blast. This is particularly useful for time-sensitive promotions, making people alert, and event announcements.

Email blasts can be useful in many cases but the important to know the right way to use it.

What are the Possible Cons of Email Blasts?

Currently email marketing is becoming more advanced. Sending an email to anyone is no longer available. Here are a few things that can go wrong while sending an email blast.

Can’t Segment Your Email

After uploading our complete email list, the first step is to segment the audience based on your target message. It is impossible with email blasts to send a particular email message to a particular audience.

It sends the same message to all of your emails at once without any personalization, customization, or management. 

Can be Count as Spam

Email technology or SMTP server is smart enough to detect spam emails. Also, users have the option to delete, unsubscribe, or report as spam an email.

You make sure to follow all the email rules and guidelines before sending bulk email. You can also hire an email marketer to send bulk messages to generate maximum ROI.

Email Blast is Unpredictable

This is quite difficult to schedule and plan an email blast. You can’t set up a particular campaign for a specific time period after making a complete plan.

But do not worry that email blasts will always be going wrong. With the right strategy, you can use email blasts in a better way.

Tips to Improve Your Email Blast

This is very important to set up an effective email campaign without any mistakes. Here are a few tips to use email blasts in the right way.

1. Create a Personalize Headline

People love their name, whether it is taken by someone or written somewhere. A personalized headline helps to grab user attention and results in a higher open rate. This helps to establish a relationship with customers.

Check out the example of an email blast. This is a great personalized event invitation by the compan

Create a Personalize Headline

There are many tools available that offer a little bit of personalization. You are just required to store your email list with their name to create an email blast.

2. Create an Attractive Template

Conveying your message in a simple way is very important to generate higher ROI. Creating attractive templates is one of the best ways to convey your message. 

You can hire an experienced designer for your email marketing campaign. Also, you can create your own design with email designer tools. A variety of tools are available online to make attractive designs with simple drag-and-drop components.

3. Create Consistent Email Copy

The quality of words will create more magic than creating a lengthy copy. Keep in mind, that your email copy should have things like a universal writing style, clear messages, short headlines, and targeted to your email list.

Take the same email example, look at their visuals.

Create Consistent Email Copy

They crafted a clear and crisp email template for invitations with some visuals and text. Anyone can read this entire email within a second.

4. Clear CTA

Call-to-action (CTA) is another important thing that a good email marketer can’t ignore. Make sure to write your CTA just after conveying your message.

A perfect CTA is something that summarizes all the messages in one line. This is the one thing that you want to convey through your message.

It can be like:

  • Grab your book now
  • Register your seat Right Now
  • Sign Up To Learn

5. Find out the Best Time to send

Did you know, how much timing effect an open rate or ROI? It depends on the type of email list or product you have. Also, making an email list of your own generates better results than buying an email list.

If your product is used by working employees then sending emails during working hours generates higher ROI. If you are sending an event invitation, shopping alerts, and new software update then you can send it to any time.

When you are sending an email newsletter then the weekend morning is the best time to send it.

6. Metrics and performance

Testing different email templates, time zones, and various email strategies to identify which works best for you. For that, you are required to regularly track email performance, open rate, click rate, and other things.

You can identify which emails are not opened, who is not interested in your email, and which emails are expired.

This also helps to determine how much return you have generated on your investment.

Hire Our Email Experts For Email Blast

Get help in sending as many as email you want at the lowest price possible. If you have a large list of emails and spending too much money on a large email marketing tool or hiring a dedicated email marketing team then you are generating less ROI. Because you are spending a lot on resources that same resources are available at a lower price. 

At Mailerday, we have a team of excellent email experts with all the required resources. Whether you want to increase the ROI of an existing email blast or require a new email campaign, our team is available to offer everything.

Just fill out the form to blast your email list. Deliver your message directly into the recipient’s email. 


If we conclude, email blasts are still beneficial in lots of cases. Sometimes you require emails to make people aware of common things. These things can be new software updates, shop discounts, new product launches, invitations, and other things. Here, you are not required to do things like customization of email templates, segmenting your audience, a great email campaign strategy, and buying costly email marketing tools. Email blast is used to send bulk emails at once without any customization.

Don’t forget to send a request.


Does Email Blast Make Sense in Today’s Marketing World?

Yes, email blasts are still useful in a variety of conditions. The growth of the use of emails is not as good as social media companies but email marketing is still quite helpful in sending regular updates, giving offers, establishing connections, and generating higher revenue at low cost.

How much cost can I assume for 10000 emails at once?

This depends on your resource, product, and content strategy. Generally sending an email is free but the cost is associated with the tool. You can send emails on your own or hire our email marketer to send bulk emails.

What is the Best Email Blast Software?

There are many platforms available to send bulk messages including Mailchimp, Mautic, etc. Some of the tools are too costly and few email marketing tools are budget-friendly. But there is another better option available which is hiring our email expert to send any type of email.

How to Send Email Blasts?

Sending email blasts is quite easy, you just use an email marketing platform such as Mailchimp or Malerday or hire an email expert. You can start by importing your subscriber list, then craft a compelling message and design the email using available templates. Schedule the blast for optimal delivery time. It is important to follow all compliance with anti-spam laws for smooth delivery.