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    Let’s Check Mailwizz Setup Plan

    Let’s find out our Mailwizz installation service pricing which comes with lots of features. Our service offers 

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    Benefits You Can Enjoy With Mailwizz

    Mailwizz is a perfect solution for email marketing needs. This software offers many small features for setting up a successful email marketing campaign. 

    Payment Optimization

    Connect your payment system easily with the platform. You can receive your payment, manage your codes, create invoices, and manage orders.

    Self-hosted control

    Install Mailwizz on your own server or hosting to customize everything as you want. You can store and send unlimited emails while storing all data on your hosting account.

    Segment Your Audience

    Segment your target audience to send the right emails at the right time. You can customize based on result, age, gender, interest, country, and other things.

    Third-Party Integration

    Enjoy more powerful email features by integrating third-party software like SMTP server, SendGrid, Amazon SES, Mailgun, sparkpost, and much more.

    Automate Campaign

    Setting up email automation helps to reach out to your audience at perfect timing. This helps to increase your brand value, convert potential customers, and make more money.

    Nurture Your Leads

    After the campaign, you can nurture your leads and retarget your potential audience again. Monitor your results based on email delivery, bounces, open rate, etc.

    One Time Fees

    That’s the perfect reason to invest in the tool. Pay only one-time subscription fee and send unlimited emails, customize what you want, and manage millions of emails.

    A/B Testing & Retargeting

    Test your email campaign by sending different emails to know which one works best. You can also retarget your audience based on the bounce, open, click, and delivery.

    Why We Are Best For Mailwizz Setup Service

    There are reasons why we are the best. We charge a small amount for the installation of Mailwizz on your server because we offer

    Installation on Any Server

    installation of the Mailwizz platform on your server without affecting your server info, database, website speed, domain reputation, and others.

    One-on-one Support

    Ask any doubt you have regarding Mailwizz installation, server, pricing, data loss, downtime, and security. Our server expert will support you with everything.

    Secure Mailwizz Setup

    We guarantee for secure Mailwizz setup on any server you want. We already set up many Mailwizz accounts, so we know how to mitigate risk.

    Transparent Pricing

    Get transparent pricing for Mailwizz Setup on any server you want. Also, we ensure the timely delivery of service from experts.

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    What is Mailwizz Software?

    Mailwizz is a self-hosted email marketing software. The platform is affordable to use for every small and large business owner. You have to install this software on your server to enjoy the benefits of email marketing features. Manage unlimited emails and send unlimited mail after a one-time purchase. 

    Feature it offers

    With the Mailwizz platform, you can enjoy features like audience segmentation, pre-built templates, monitoring, contact forms, free support, automation, integration, etc.

    Beneficial For

    This is beneficial for small to large business owners because you can manage or send unlimited contacts in only one-time payments. The platform is easy to use, helpful, self-hosted, and secure.

    Why it Matter

    Business owners can send unlimited emails, automate them, and improve their business sales. We can track these emails also and identify which customer is our ideal one and which one requires another strategy.

    MailWizz installation

    What Our Customer Says

    We highly recommend getting service for the MailWizz installation from Mailerday. Aashish and his team work hard to offer a smooth integration with our existing systems. Thanks to the flawless installation process.

    Michael Nguyen

    Marketing Director

    We have a digital marketing agency and we want to install Mailwizz on our server for a robust email marketing solution. So, they help me to set up a MailWizz account on my server.

    Alex Turner

    Digital Marketer

    The MailWizz installation service provided by this team is appreciated. Now, we can run our email marketing campaign to target the right audience at an affordable cost. They also help with ongoing support related to service.

    Amanda Baker

    Event Management

    We got a seamless installation for Mailwizz from start to finish. Their team has years of expertise in configuring MailWizz for our whole email marketing needs. We highly suggest going with Mailerday.

    Mark Thompson

    Real Estate Broker

    The Mautic installation service delivered by this team was a turning point for our business. They not only ensured a smooth installation but also provided valuable insights on optimizing Mautic for our unique needs.

    David Kim

    IT Services Provider

    Mailerday provide a fast and effortless method for us to make professional-looking mails to maintain our clients and interested parties participated

    Leonardo R.

    Marketing Manager

    We Resolved Common Asked Question

    Anyone can install Mailwizz on their server with some technical knowledge. However getting professional installation services is important for smooth setup, optimal configuration, expert guidance, and mitigating the hacking risk. 

    MailWizz has specific server requirements for installation like MySQL/MariaDB, Linux operating system,  Apache/Nginx web server, and PHP version 5.2 or newer. We can run Mailwizz on shared hosting but for better better-configured use case you can go with VPS. Our installation experts also guide you in choosing the best server.

    We offer ongoing support to address any issues or questions regarding your installation. Our team is committed to ensuring the continued smooth operation of your MailWizz instance. You can clear doubts related to hosting, security, and service.

    We will charge a one-time fee for the installation service of Mailwizz on your server. If we talk about the cost of Mailwizz that also costs you around 65$ for a lifetime. If an individual needs any additional support-related hosting then the pricing may differ. We provide transparent pricing based on your specific installation needs.

    Security is a priority. We already installed many Mailwizz software on different servers. We know how to mitigate risk, how to make it secure, and how to set it up. We implement best practices to secure MailWizz during installation including directory protection and strong passwords.

     We will set up Mailwizz Only, you will not get SMTP delivery services with this setup. for more details please contact us