MailerDay have a complete solution to increase customer engagement to increase the business leads that directly connect to your business growth this is simply connected to Email Verification that can help you to remove unnecessary emails to prevent bounces.

Email Verification Plans

Maximum delivery to all the receipients 


Start your first campaign from here

$ 39 / mo
You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
50,000 Emails


Increase business with more delivery

$ 59 / mo
You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
1,00,000 Emails


Take business step ahead with pro plan

$ 129 / mo
You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
250,000 Emails

Pro Max

Start your first campaign from here

$ 249 / mo
You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
500,000 Emails

Pro Max Plus

Increase business with more delivery

$ 449 / mo
You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
10,00,000 Emails


Take business step ahead with pro plan

You Need 1 Email Verification = 1 Credit
10,00,000 + Emails

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We have proved the email verification helps to increase email deliverability and customer engagement.

Email syntax check

Emails have their own syntax and should be typed in that format. we check that syntax at initial level.

BulletProof VPS with safety

Gibberish check

Checking the email is written properly or not. in bought data, you can find lots of Gibberish emails.

Domain existence check

If Emails get syntax and Gibberish check we then check if the domain exists or it's just a made-up domain.

Affordable Service​ in bulletproof vps server

Catch-all emails check

We verify the email is real on a catch-all enabled email server. we search in the database to get accurate results.

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Improve Customer engagement

With mailerday's email verification service you can improve your customer engagement by removing bounces and invalid data.

Improve Delivery Rate

Email verification is the process that will help you to increase your delivery rate by remove bounces that lead to abuses.

Advanced Plans and Add-Ons

Upgrade your plan for advanced features or enhance your account with optional add-ons
BulletProof VPS

Email List Management

We will do work for you with your email lists in the verification, just provide us the list and get a validated list to start the campaiging.
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Guaranteed Accuracy

We provide the highest accuracy in email verification in the market, you will love our service as we provide the result that you trust.
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Frequently Asked Questions
We've compiled a list of answers to common questions.
Email verifier or email address checker is a data cleaning process for emails only that filter the valid, invalid email addresses from your bought list or old email list, Sending directly to bought list or old list cause the bounce issue and that cause the abuse issue that directly leads to low reputation and no customer engagement. So we made our goal to clean your lists before sending campaign to them that improve customer engagement and deliverability.
Email verification is the process that doesn’t send mail using any actual email thus it doesn’t verify with 100% accuracy. but we still manage to do verification with 97% of accuracy. we are able to manage to reduce the bounce rate and just limit it to around 2% that is acceptable as no other provider will able to achieve that so far.
Yes we are able to manage to verify all the email including catch-all-emails mostly from the our huge database. we include custom domains emails verification and able to manage that with 97% accuracy rate and we will try to improve it further.
Email Verification process doesn’t use any real time mail sending. this process is just connect with the remote server and find the email address using our algorithm thus real time sending is not a part of it.
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