Mautic Installation Service

Send your request for Mautic Installation on your web hosting platform from our server experts. Hire us for installation, configuration, and secure setup of the Mautic marketing platform instantly. No matter on which server or hosting you want to deploy the Mautic platform.

    Mautic Installation Service Pricing

    Check our cost-effective Mautic setup pricing which comes with lots of features.

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    Top Benefit of Installing Mautic Platform

    Mautic, an open-source marketing automation platform offers many benefits to business owners in their marketing. You can enjoy these benefits after installation of Mautic on our web hosting.

    Automate Marketing

    Set up automation campaigns for email, text, and social media within a few clicks. Segment your audience, retarget your audience, send reply emails, and send abandoned cart emails.

    Track Website Visitor

    Know all about your website visitors how much time they spend, where they visit, how many bounces, and how many revisit. We can do this by simply adding Mautic code to the website.

    Monitor Sent Message

    Monitor your emails and text messages based on delivery, bounce, open rate, and click rate. Identify these audiences and segment them to send emails again.

    Highly Cost-effective

    Mautic is free for one user and he can send up to 1000 emails per day. You can manage your contacts, segment them, easily integrate Mautic with tools, and send customized emails.

    Nurture Your Leads

    Score your audience based on where they stand on the sales ladder. You can nurture your potential customers based on their interest, email open rate, and how frequently they revisit.

    Create Contact Form

    Mautic offers a contact form with landing pages and a Mautic code to place on the website for collecting emails from visitors. Anyone can create a contact form within a few seconds.

    Integration With CRM Tools

    Īntegrate the Mautic platform with major CRM, email validation systems, contact enrichment, spreadsheets, SQL, WordPress, and NoSQL databases through API, webhooks, and others.

    Secure & Open-source

    The platform is highly secure and you can configure it on your web hosting platform. The platform also offers open-source community support to resolve your query.

    Why Mautic Installation Service From Our Experts

    Mautic is the best marketing platform that you have to install on your web hosting or server. Get Mautic installation with us to set up a marketing campaign for your business.

    One-on-one Support

    You can ask for one-on-one support on any query regarding Mautic installation, its configuration, how secure it is, data security, and others.

    Secure installation

    We guarantee to deliver you a secure Mautic set-up service on your web hosting without affecting your website, database, and domain reputation.

    Installation on any Hosting

    Whether you want installation of Muatic on shared, VPS, cloud, and dedicated hosting or server, our server professional can install it.

    Technical Expertise

    Our server experts have a decade of expertise in server setup, configuration, database management, integration, and troubleshooting.

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    What is Mautic Software?

    Mautic is an open-source Marketing Automation Platform for Email, SMS, and social media. You can install it on a web hosting platform to set up an email marketing automation campaign for your business. The tool is free to use with lots of quality features.

    What it offers

    Get various features for the campaign creation like assets, tracking code, forms, templates, audience segmentation, integration with CRM tools, import contacts, set automation, etc.

    Who can use

    Individuals, small business owners, and email marketers can use it to set up an automation campaign for online businesses or your clients. This is easy to use and helpful.

    Why it Matter

    The platform comes with lots of tracking facilities to analyze your customers based on click rate, delivery rate, client retention rate, and bounce rate. So, you can create a better strategy to convert your potential customer.

    Mautic Installation service

    What our Customer Say

    Mailerday’s Mautic installation service exceeded our expectations. Their team installed and configured Mautic on the hosting seamlessly while maintaining transparency. Now, our marketing campaigns are running smoothly.

    Aakash K

    Website Owner

    I recommended their Mautic setup service because of the result I got. Their server professionals provided top-notch support, from server setup to customization. Our experience has been fantastic with Mailerday for Mautic.

    Smith B.


    Kudos to the experts behind the Mautic installation service. Their professionalism and in-depth knowledge made the setup process a breeze.

    Sarah Thompson

    E-commerce Entrepreneur

    Impressed with the installation of Mautic! Their team’s attention to detail and commitment to security during the setup process were commendable. The platform is running flawlessly, and we appreciate the ongoing support they provide.

    Mike Patel

    Hosting Site Owner

    The Mautic installation service delivered by this team was a turning point for our business. They not only ensured a smooth installation but also provided valuable insights on optimizing Mautic for our unique needs.

    David Kim

    IT Services Provider

    Mailerday provides a fast and effortless method for us to make professional-looking emails to maintain our clients and interested parties participated

    Leonardo R.

    Marketing Manager

    Common Service Issue We Resolved

    Yeah, it is possible to install Mautic software on your web hosting. But getting help from server professionals for installation service. Experts can install and configure the Mautic platform without any downtime and data loss. Our experts bring experience, technical expertise, and Mautic knowledge to suit your specific business needs.
    We offer ongoing support to address any issues or questions you may have post-installation. Our team is available to ensure the continued smooth operation of your Mautic instance
    Mautic is an open-source platform and it requires optimal storage, a secure server, dedicated IP, accessibility, and optimized performance. Proper installation on hosting environments is important to access Mautic, streamline marketing campaigns, and enhance lead management.
    No, Mautic is a free open-source marketing automation platform. Unlike other solutions that may cost thousands of dollars monthly, Mautic is cost-effective. You only pay for hosting to store run your software which starts at $5/month. This gives you the flexibility to store unlimited leads and send unlimited emails.
    Costs depend on factors such as the level of customization, server requirements, and additional services requested. We provide transparent pricing based on your specific needs.

     We will set up Mautic Only, you will not get SMTP delivery services with this setup. for more details please contact us