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Mautic Automation Software 
Feb 3, 2024

Sending personal messages directly to your customer’s account is quite helpful in increasing sales, conveying your message, sending updates, and making your brand stronger. The best way to send bulk personalized messages at a low cost is by using Mautic Automation software.

Today, every marketing professional says personalization is extremely important before starting any marketing campaign online.

Because Mautic is a free multichannel marketing platform for your business. But it is important to know, if is it really helpful and How can use it. If you are using different tools to send SMS, emails, and WhatsApp messages then is it safe to shift on Mautic?

As a marketer, you can automate your email campaign to save more money. Most important what I found, this tool is perfect for nurturing quality leads and retargeting them with the right message.

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Let’s find out more details about Mautic Automation Sofware

What is Mautic?

Mautic is a fully-featured marketing software to sends a personalized message on multiple platforms at scale. The marketing tool is highly advanced for sending emails, SMS, text messages, browser notifications, tweets, etc. We can automate our sending based on leads, open rates, bounce rates, segmentation, customer behavior, etc.

Mautic platform stands out because this is an open-source, free, multichannel marketing option, and marketing automation tool. This is important because

  • Research says automated emails generate 320% more revenue than normal emails.
  • Sending personalized messages generates more sales, open rates, and profit.
  • Retargeting to your interested customer generates 47% more purchases.
  • Automating abandoned cart emails generates 2x more sales.
  • Sending lots of messages at a low cost

Benefits of Mautic Automation Software

There are lots of benefits to using Mautic for automating emails, text messages, and SMS. Let’s find out

1. Highly Cost-effective Marketing Platform

No other software can beat Mautic in Pricing. The tool is completely FREE forever. The only cost with Mautic is its hosting cost. It is required to be installed on your hosting or server to run.

You can install it on any WEB SERVER including shared, VPS, dedicated, windows, Linux, etc. You are required to buy your domain name, email address, IP address, and other things. 

Because this is an Open-source marketing platform that offers all the required features to make a successful marketing campaign. 

marketing campaign

Also, you do not have to buy different tools for sending emails, SMS, social media messages, and chats on WhatsApp.

2. Multichannel Marketing Software

Multichannel Marketing Software

Setting up an email marketing campaign through Mautic is a great idea. But it is not only for sending emails, you can use this for sending SMS, messages on WhatsApp, and chats on social media platforms.

Marketers can save their time and effort on setting up different marketing campaigns on various platforms. You can also monitor different campaign’s performance in one panel. The software is perfect for,

  • Sending business messages on WhatsApp
  • Transitional SMS text messages to your contacts
  • Setting up a highly customized email marketing campaign
  • Improving your existing marketing campaign by integrating with other tools
  • Social media management including post-scheduling, tracking, and analyzing performance

There are many other tools also available that you can connect to Mautic.

3. Building a Marketing Campaign With Automation

Building a Marketing Campaign With Automation

Building a Marketing Campaign With Automation

Mautic automation software is the perfect tool to automate Marketing campaigns on different platforms. You can create a fully-fledged marketing campaign and automate it based on action and targeted customers.

They have API and webhook integration to streamline your workflow on different platforms. You can completely customize your marketing message, landing page, and templates.

  • You can segment your email list and contacts based on age, gender, customer behavior, customer action, and results you get. 
  • Send emails again to your audience if your email is bounced, not delivered, not opened, and clicked. 
  • Set up an automation campaign for visitors who sign up for your newsletter, fill up your contact form, and leave your product at checkout.
  • Monitor your audience and track them on the website to send emails.

The best part about these emails and messages is that you can send them with personalization.

4. List Segmentation For Better Targeting

Segmentation For Better Targeting

Easy segmentation makes your emails more complaining. Easily import all of your email lists into the account and segment them easily.

You can segment your list in a variety of ways. Segment your audience based on their age, customer behavior, location, gender, previous purchase, customer interest, etc. 

You can also filter your audience according to the date. After segmentation, you can send different messages as per audience. 

5. Tracking User Behavior 

Tracking User Behavior 

Another reason to choose the Mautic automation software is its advanced tracking option. This tool offers contact tracking using Google Analytics and Facebook Pixel.

The tool provides data related to collected leads, clicks, page redirection, time spent by the user, bounce rate, etc. Based on tracking behavior and purchasing products, you can retarget your customer.

With this, organizations can make better decisions for the success of the campaign.

For setting a Mautic tracking feature, you can use Google Analytics ID and Facebook Pixel ID.

6. Customizing and Creating a Landing Page

Creating a Landing Page

Mautic comes with an interesting page builder to create a perfect landing page to promote your offer, sell a particular product, and collect emails. You can also create personalized emails to send to your particular audience. 

Customize these emails and landing pages with the drag-and-drop builder. You can redirect your customers where you want. 

There are many pre-built templates also available to customize them. You can collect emails from these landing pages and see them directly in your Mautic account. 

These landing pages are also trackable. You are capable of knowing where your customer spends their time on the page.

7. Nurturing Better Leads

The best use case of Mautic is nurturing better leads that help to improve sales and revenue. You can identify visitors who landed on your page but they did not take any action. We can retarget them again.

Nurturing encourages business owners to create better content as per their audience. Mautic gives a rating to leads based on their interactions with campaigns. This is important to prioritize leads for sales follow-up. 

You can find all of your email data in proper chart format on your dashboard. The Mautic dashboard is really simple to use.

This includes paying attention to their needs, watering them, and providing optimal conditions for their growth.

8. Mautic’s Community Support

Because Mautic is open-source in nature, it has a LARGE community base of developers, email professionals, and marketers. You can also join the community easily. 

This strength stands out from Mautic from other platforms. No matter what question you have, you can ask here related to budget, marketing, hosting, bugs, installation, and features.

The community provides help with finding the right solution. You can also find regular updates and solutions to problems faced by users. They regularly talk with each other to provide the best solution.

9. Integration Capabilities With Software

Mautic can integrate with a variety of software with API and webhook. The tool is open-source so you can connect it to different third-party applications and systems.

The integration includes major CRM, contact enrichment, spreadsheets, email validation systems, MySQL databases, etc. 

The integration process is quite simple and helps users to streamline their work, improve their workflow, and save time. By integrating, you can enjoy the benefit of other software’s features. 

Get Help With Mautic Installation On Your Server

Mautic installation is required to run the software. You are required to have technical knowledge of installing this software on your server. But it’s important to make sure, do not make any mistakes in the installation because this can create issues in using all the features. 

It’s better you hire an email expert for Mautic installation rather than Do it yourself. Our experts have decades of expertise in email marketing, making campaigns, sending messages, setting up automation, etc. You can also get a consultation about the server requirements and its benefits of using. 


Other than those discussed above, there are more reasons available to choose the Mautic Automation software. Of course, the Mautic platform is the perfect solution for bulk email marketing with automation. But you can use this to send messages on WhatsApp, mobile numbers, and social media accounts. Mautic’s community support is top-notch which I most like. There are hundreds of integration options available to streamline your work and improve efficiency. 

We can say in simple words the features, the security, and the budget, all are good with it. 

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Is this software easy to use?

Yes, Mautic presents everything in a simple way on one dashboard. They have a variety of features to offer and each one is presented adequately manner on the left-hand side. Any new user can learn it easily without spending time. Also, if you are not able to find something then you post it on the community to find the answer.

What are the security and compliance offered by Mautic?

The platforms follow all the regulatory compliance required to run the software. Data security and software protection are crucial for business and Mautic offers various security options including data encryption, access control, and authentication. Also, the database regarding your campaign and users is stored on your hosting platform.

Can I create A/B testing with Mautic?

Yes, the platform offers an A/B testing feature for all marketing channels to determine which campaign drives better results for the business. You can create a personalized campaign for one segment of your audience and a different email campaign for another.

What’s wrong with Mautic?

There are lots of that make Mautic a perfect email automation software but the negative with it is support. If anything happens during running your campaign then you are not able to get instant support. First, you have to post your issue in the community and then wait for someone to answer.