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Mailwizz Email Marketing Software
Feb 1, 2024

Whenever you search on Google for the best email marketing tool, you will find Mailchimp at the top, and then other platforms. Of course, Mailchimp offers lots of features but there are other small and affordable options available “for which people do not talk about”. There are many reasons to choose Mailwizz email marketing software over other tools.

You will find that “sending an email” is completely free and email marketing software only charges for other services to streamline your email marketing journey.

Our email campaign requirements may also vary. Every time you do not require all the email software’s features but you pay for those also. What if, you found a platform that fulfills all of your requirements without any extra cost?

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That’s where Mailwizz comes into play. Let’s understand why to chose the Mailwizz email marketing tool.

What is Mailwizz?

Mailwizz is a self-hosted email marketing software used for sending bulk emails, setting up email campaigns, campaign monitoring, and managing subscribers. This software needs to be installed on our server and cloud hosting infrastructure.

Both businesses and individuals can use this email marketing tool to reach out to their customers directly into their inboxes.

The platform is really affordable as compared to its benefits. Just pay one-time fees and the tool is yours, forever.

Reason to Choose Mailwizz Software

Many small and big reasons make this tool reasonable to choose and shift from other software. Let’s find out

One-time Purchase that’s it

No monthly billing, no feature-based, and no limit on email sending. This is one of the top reasons to choose Mailwizz email marketing software. Mailwizz pricing is one of the lowest in the industry. But you will think, the tool will offer you fewer features in comparison to others. No, all the features are in a one-time purchase.

Mailwizz pricing

The tool offers two prices one is individual and the other one is Business available at $65 & $275 consistently.

You just have to purchase their plan only one time and it will be available forever.

But do not forget, this tool is a self-hosted email marketing platform that requires your hosting to run. You have to purchase a hosting, or server to install the platform on it.

Also, one more cost is required to pay for Mailwizz installation. Contact our team to know installation pricing.

Easy Dashboard To Manage Anything

On the Mailwizz dashboard, you can find all the features on the left-hand side and the working on the right-hand side. You can find a number of features including email list, campaign management, subscriber, segmentation, monitoring, support, etc.

Administrators have complete access to the panel. He/she can add people and create groups by assigning them their roles and permission.

Manage your campaign setting, integration of tools, and landing page are all accessible from here.

Whether you are a beginner or an expert, anyone can use this platform easily.

Setting up an Email Campaign

Anything you can find here for setting up a perfect email marketing campaign for your business. Some features like

  • Generate their own SPF/DKIM settings
  • Create converting landing pages with drag and drop builder
  • Setup autoresponder or recurring campaign for your business
  • Create A/B testing to find out which email campaign works best for me

Capability to Integrate with a Variety of Software

Mailwizz has the integration capability to connect with various email providers, AI tools, and VPS providers. They offer API access & webhook for the integration of software.

They currently launched a new version to connect Mailwizz software with OpenAI or chatGPT. The tools will assist you throughout your email marketing journey.

The email provider it support includes Amazon AES, Sendgrid, Mailgun, Sparkpost, Pepipost, Elastemail, etc.

email provider

The integration with many VPS providers including Digitalocean, Contabo, OVH, Google Cloud, AWS, etc.

But it will not offer you integration like Mailchimp, Mautic, and others.

Import List and Segmentation

Another great reason to choose Mailwizz email software is that it offers the option to import your email list directly from your computer. Upload your email list from a CSV file, text file, or another database.

Once your file is imported properly, you can manage it on your own. You can segment your audience based on category, age, gender, and customer behavior.

You can also send your emails based on segmentation and set up an A/B testing campaign for the audience.

Track Your Sent Emails

Track Your Sent Emails
two businessmen digital computer tablet touch Mail Communication Connection message to mailing contacts phone Global Letters Concept

An email marketer can track their emails and design their next campaign based on the results they get. You can monitor email deliverability, bounce rate, open rate, click rate, conversion, etc. 

You can also track sent emails based on the domain. You can understand how much ROI is generated by the sent emails.

Offers a Level of Security Features

Whenever you purchase Mailwizz, you get a license to access the whole feature of the software. No one can access Mailwizz other than the administrator.

For more protection, you also get a 2-factor authentication to ensure only authorized persons can access it.

Offer More SAAS features to Business

business features

There are many other business features available to streamline your business activity. You can generate promo codes for other businesses. They also offer an easy payment gateway option to collect money.

Other features include downloading order history, changing currencies, and adding taxes.

Email Tools Simplify the Process

Mailwizz also offers many small email tools that help to streamline your email campaign process. At Mailwizz, you can find

  • DMARC Record Generator to prevent domain spoofing.
  • Blacklisted checker to identify your mail server IP address
  • DMARC Lookup for configuration and email authentication
  • DKIM Checker Tool to improve security and sender reputation.
  • SPF record generator to protect your email domain from unauthorized senders
  • Easily retrieve and verify Mail Exchange (MX) records with MX Record Lookup

Get Support on Any Issue

The support option is available but only for 6 months. However, there are many resources,  knowledge bases, communities, and documentation available to find out answers to your query.


You can access the support section directly from your dashboard. There are also many blogs and videos available to solve any issues.

You have to raise a ticket with the query to find out the solution.

Mailchimp Vs Mailwizz

Mailchimp is a large organization for email marketing. There are far better options, a better user interface, and better features you can find with Mailchimp rather than Mailwizz. But there are a few things where you can consider Mailwizz

  • Mailwizz is a self-hosted email marketing software that stores everything on your database.
  • Pay only one time for all and use it forever. Whether you are an individual or a business owner.
  • Developer-friendly to customize anything

However, the tools offer only limited integration to some of the platforms. You also required some technical skills to set up an email marketing campaign at Mailwizz.

But it is right that the value Mailwizz offers to you at this price is phenomenal. Mailchimp charges are higher due to their services.

Get Mailwizz Installation on Your Server

As you know, Mailwizz email marketing software is required to be installed on our server or hosting. The installation process is quite difficult and requires an understanding of the server’s technical aspects. A small mistake can affect your security, server uptime, and website database.

As an entrepreneur or email marketer, you can outsource Mailwizz Installation to the Mailerday team. The Mailwizz team has decades of expertise in server management, website security, server protection, and deploying Mailwizz on servers. We ensure a seamless deployment process without any downtime or security threat.

You can also ask any query related to Mailwizz and its installation.


These are the top reasons to choose Mailwizz email marketing software. The tool is a self-hosted email marketing platform and helps in sending bulk emails. The platform will offer you many benefits required to set up your email campaign. You can automate your emails, create landing pages, segment your audience, retarget them again, etc. Here, you just have to pay only a one-time fee to use this tool for a lifetime.

Mailerday is a Perfect Email Marketing Service provider to grow your business. You can either hire our Email Expert or use our email services including SMTP service, email verification, a bulletproof server, & DMCA-ignored bulletproof service. All services are affordable and have 24/7 support.


How to install Mailwizz?

To install Mailwizz, you have to follow various steps including the understanding of technical aspects. But the simple way for Mailwizz installation is to outsource this thing to its experts like Mailerday. At Mailerday, we ensure seamless deployment of Mailwizz on your server without any data loss.

What are the server requirements to deploy Mailwizz?

It is recommended to go with Linux VPS hosting to deploy this email marketing software. The tools are not tested with Windows hosting. By the way, officially you can install it that has a Linux operating system, Apache or Nginx webserver, PHP version 5.2 or newer, etc.

How to speed up Mailwizz’s performance?

The speed of this email marketing tool completely depends on the server’s speed. To speed up your server response, you can increase your hardware resources, try SSD storage instead of an HDD drive, use nginx instead of Apache, Configure MySQL/MariaDB, etc.

Can I add multiple sending domains in the Mailwizz business?

Yes, MailWizz allows users to send emails from multiple domains like, .info, and .net. This is helpful to enhance flexibility in email marketing strategies for diverse audience engagement and branding options.