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Mailwizz Vs Mautic
Jan 29, 2024

When an email marketer searches for affordable but effective email marketing software they always find Mailwizz and Mautic in their option. Both of the email marketing platform comes with lots of effective features including tracking, automation, bulk email, etc. But there is no detailed guide available on Mailwizz Vs Mautic.

So, It becomes difficult to find out which one we have to choose. You will find that both options have lots of similarities but it depends on the purpose of the marketing campaign. Understand these points and find out which fits your budget and marketing purpose.

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Let’s compare Mailwizz Vs Mautic

What is Mailwizz?

Mailwizz is a SELF-HOSTED email marketing software for businesses to set up their email marketing campaign. The platform is simple, effective, and affordable. Business owners can use this software to send bulk emails, manage them, and track email performances from a single platform.

The platform was developed by Serban George Cristian in 2013 with the purpose of providing an affordable email solution.

What is Mautic?

Mautic is a free OPEN-SOURCE marketing automation software to send bulk text messages and emails. Business owners can use the tool to create a strong marketing strategy for their business. This provides features like lead generation, email automation, social media integration,  and keeping an eye on campaign performance.

The tool was developed by DB Hurley and launched in 2014 to provide the best email marketing tool. You have to set it on your platform before using it. The email tool offers a direct communication channel, allowing businesses to share pertinent content, promotions, and updates.

Comparison: Mailwizz Vs Mautic

Both email marketing platforms are open-source in natureThere are lots of things offered by both of the marketing tools that we have to consider.

API Access

API is the best way to integrate other software into our infrastructure. The API is helpful for providing basic operations needed for implementation. With API, we can access another application’s code without writing any single code.

Mailwizz offers lots of features with a complete dashboard. The tool offers many management, tracking, and customization features. The feature includes automation, campaign setup, segmentation, campaign bounce, customizing templates, real-time updates, etc. They provide complete documentation for their API access. API implementations require PHP, Python, Ruby, small rest apps, & Node.js.

With Mautic, you can also see their detailed API documentation on the website. They use REST API as a robust gateway to the Mautic system. They offer a wide range of calls that empower users to programmatically manage various components within Mautic. It offers features like campaign management, segmentation, automation, etc.

Product Features

Both of the platforms offer lots of features for a business to set up their campaign. They are used for bulk messaging. There are a few features that are common in both including

  • Import audiences and segment them
  • Send bulk emails within a few clicks
  • Integrate your payment feature
  • Create and customize landing pages
  • Track email campaign performance and retarget them
  • Setup drip campaign

But what features differentiate a tool from another one

Mailwizz and Mautic are a perfect email marketing solution with all the required features for your email campaign. However, the Mautic email marketing platform offers more automation features with retargeting. You can nurture better leads from Mautic and manage these leads as needed.

Mailwizz is fully focused only on email marketing whereas Mautic also offers other features like SMS marketing, social marketing, sales intelligence, website visitor tracking, and pipeline management.

Mautic has a large community base to provide solutions to any issue that missing with Mailwizz.

We can say, both are great options but Mautic is on the higher side in providing better features than Mailwizz.


The hosting cost is not included in the pricing of both tools. You are required to deploy it on your hosting account to store all your email marketing campaigns.

Mailwizz is a self-hosted email marketing solution for businesses to store all the things related to your email marketing on your own hosting or server. This provides better control, security, and management options. The license key activation is important to run Mailwizz on your hosting.

Mautic is an open-source platform that requires the same process for deployment on the server as Mailwizz. Here, you do not require a license key.

The best part about Mautic is that you can install it on any web server including shared, windows, Linux, VPS, AWS, Vultr, and any other. Whereas Mailwizz is only compatible with any type of Linux hosting including shared, VPS, dedicated, AWS, etc.


Integration capabilities are quite helpful in streamlining various operations, saving money, and improving productivity. In Mailwizz vs Mautic, both of the email marketing platforms offer integration with a variety of other software.

With Mailwizz, you can integrate different popular platforms like Shopify, woocommerce, Magento, SendGrid, Mailgun, AWS, Pepipost, etc. But Mautic offers far better integration options including Facebook, Hubspot, Microsoft, Zoho, SendGrid, MailChimp, and many more.

Both of the platforms currently launched a unique integration with OpenAI’s ChatGPT. This AI assistant helps to build a powerful workflow.

Both the tool offers WEBHOOK integration options but Mautic has the capability to connect with more platforms than Mailwizz. Because Mautic has a large community of developers due to its open-source nature. So, they continuously working on new integration.


The dashboard is quite easy to use in the case of both platforms. You will get all the features on the left-hand side of your screen.

You can customize your time frame, nurture leads, manage campaigns, integrate other platforms, analyze data, and manage future things. Mautic has more features in one dashboard than Mailwizz.

Mailwizz offers quick access to avail support from their team on any issue. Whereas Muatic is open-source, you can seek support from community developers.


In the case of support, the Mailwizz email marketing tool has lots of options than Muatic because it is paid.

Mautic is a free open-source platform and it has a large developer community for providing support. On their website, you can see lots of blogs and answers to previous common questions.

On Mailwizz, you can get support from the community, lots of blog posts, videos, documentation, and a ticket. You can send a direct email with your question to their team.


Based on pricing, Mautic wins in comparison to Mailwizz vs Mautic. You do not have to pay anything to use it and neither in the future. The platforms are managed by a large group of community developers. Every time a new feature comes, they add it.

Mailwizz is also an affordable email marketing platform than other popular platforms like Mailchimp, ConstantContact, HubSpot, etc. The platform offers 2 plans for regular and business purposes that is $65 and $275. You have to make your payment one time for one website and use it lifetime.

But keep in mind, that the other indirect cost in both platforms you need to pay is the HOSTING COST. To use both tools, you have to install them on your hosting platform. Here, you can store all the things in your hosting database.

Want Expert Support With Mautic and Mailwizz Installation

Secure Installation of these email marketing platforms on your hosting requires technical knowledge because anything wrong can create an issue. A wrong installation can affect the required feature you want to use. 

Hire our email marketing experts for complete installation of any email marketing platform on your own server. They will also provide consultation on anything related to your email marketing campaign.

You can check out the pricing of Mailwizz installation by visiting our service page. Also, the Mautic installation service is the most affordable with us.


If we summarize Mailwizz vs Mautic then the Mautic email marketing tool is the better solution. The tool is free, open-source, secure, and a far better option than Mailwizz. Because of its open-source nature, it can be slow and more complicated. Mailwizz is also a great option for businesses to use. You are just required to pay a one-time fee and use it forever.

Mailerday is a Perfect Email Marketing Service provider to grow your business. You can either hire our Email Expert or use our email services including SMTP service, email verification, a bulletproof server, & DMCA-ignored bulletproof service. All services are affordable and have 24/7 support.


How much money do I need to pay for hosting or server to run these platforms?

The hosting cost depends on the plan you choose because both platforms are compatible with any type of server. You can buy hosting as cheap as $2 per month or as high as $500 per month. But make sure you have enough storage, dedicated IP, and great server response time.

Can I install these platforms myself?

Yes, you have to follow all the required steps for installation. But make sure a small mistake can ruin your installation process. If you do not have any technical skills then it is better to outsource Mailwizz and Mautic installation.

What kind of hosting do I need?

For better configuration, it is recommended to go with VPS hosting. You can install both platforms on shared hosting also. For Mailwizz, you should have a Linux operating system whereas Mautic is compatible with any web server.

Are both options secure?

Yeah, Mailwizz and Mautic are the secure options. Both are designed with data privacy in mind and follow all the GDPR compliances. They ensure the correct data handling and minimize the risk of data breaches.