What are the benefits of using VPS Hosting for email campaigns?

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VPS Hosting for email campaigns
Dec 1, 2023

It does not matter which email marketing tool you are using to send email, you just need to follow all email-sending rules for better email deliverability. You can set up your own bulk email marketing campaign using VPS hosting. You can use the same VPS hosting on which your website is hosted. 

The use of the same VPS hosting offers you a better IP reputation for email. There are also many benefits of using VPS hosting that we will discuss here. 

Overview of VPS Hosting 

VPS hosting is an isolated virtual space on a dedicated server. Each virtual space operates as an independent server with its own operating system. This allows users to enjoy the power and flexibility of a dedicated server without the complexity.

This hosting is the best option for those who want a cost-effective hosting solution but need more power than shared hosting. 

This also comes with a dedicated IP address that helps to protect the domain’s reputation. You offer a complete resource to send emails. If you have existing VPS hosting, make sure to use that. 

Advantages of Creating Email Accounts on VPS

There are many benefits we can see while using VPS hosting for email marketing.  

1. Ensure Better Privacy

Owning your own VPS hosting, dedicated resources, and dedicated IP helps you to provide better privacy. These resources are isolated from others present. This ensures the privacy of your company’s profile and messages. If you use services like Yahoo or Gmail, they can use your data for ads according to their rules. Unlike shared hosting, it offers you a dedicated IP to protect your domain reputation. 

2. Improve Email Security 

A VPS hosting provides a completely isolated environment with your resources. Here, your hosting resources and IP address are not shared with other website owners. A VPS sets aside a special area just for your emails that helps to reduce the chances of unauthorized access or hacking techniques impacting your emails. This hosting creates a secure and private space for your business to communicate. 

But it does not mean, third-party tools are not secure. These tools offer enough security but VPS hosting can be a better solution. 

3. Less Downtime With VPS 

Downtime is when your email service is temporarily unavailable. Most of the hosting provider companies offer a 99.9% uptime guarantee with their VPS hosting plan. So, your server can receive and send emails anytime. Downtime is when your email service is temporarily unavailable.

Big email service providers do not give guarantees on server downtime. These big email companies are also the major target of these cybercriminals. 

4. Maintain Your Brand’s Reputation

Branding is inevitably essential for your company. You can give a professional touch to your email by customizing your email with your own domain name like [email protected]. This is not only more reliable for recipients but it also strengthens your brand every time you send an email. This also protects the domain’s reputation & IP address. This personalized approach is what sets your business apart from generic email services. 

5. Self-Managed Functionalities

When you use your own VPS hosting, you can control everything you want that comes with your hosting plan. But you don’t have to control third-party email applications. What you will do if they remove an important feature from the application? The VPS is completely controlled by you, you can add or remove features and integrate third-party apps. Any impact usually depends on your VPS setup.

Hire Experts For Setting-up Email on VPS

If you do not have technical knowledge, you can hire email marketing experts from Mailerday. Our experts have years of experience in setting up email marketing campaigns to automate them. We ensure email marketing by protecting your domain reputation and maintaining brand images. Our email marketing team offers one-on-one live chat support.
You can also check our bulletproof email server or VPS hosting with hundreds of features. The services are fully managed and offer features like unmetered bandwidth, multiple dedicated IPs, top-quality resources, scalability, security, and more. Also, we provide DMCA ignored, multiple data center locations, a 100% uptime guarantee, and complete support. 

Consult with our staff and clear your doubts.


Email marketing is a great method to directly reach out to a large number of audience. You can send your message, updates, new offers, and others directly to the user’s email address. Sending emails using your own VPS hosting can be a better option than using third-party email software. VPS hosting offers better privacy, more control, dedicated resources, less downtime, maintaining the domain’s reputation, and self-managed functionalities. It’s also a cost-effective option if you want to send bulk emails from VPS.

Visit our website for more information or contact the team for support. 

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