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Hire an Email Campaign Manager
Jan 5, 2024

Sending emails to your customers and setting up a full-fledged marketing campaign are two different things. In the last few years, there were lots of things happened like customers became more email-conscious, many email updates were rolled out, and security became the main priority. That’s why Hiring an Email Campaign Manager makes sense. Not only they are updated with the current customers’ buying behavior or security things but also they know how to set a cost-effective email marketing campaign with automation. 

In this world of social media, setting up an email marketing campaign is still worth it. Setting emails directly to your customer’s inbox is the best way to reach out to your audience. 

What are the Roles and Responsibilities of an Email Campaign Manager?

An email marketer is responsible for every email marketing thing that is required to send emails efficiently. He is responsible for planning, executing, and managing email marketing campaigns. You will get a complete email strategy for setting up an automation campaign to convert potential customers. An email marketer is a mix of strategic thinking, technical enthusiasts, copywriting skills, human behavior, analytics, and email design skills. 

An email marketing manager follows different roles.

  • Organize and create a comprehensive email marketing strategy
  • Setting up email automation from higher ROI 
  • Creating high-converting emails, graphics, and email content
  • Software savvy, including data analytics, automation, testing, email creation
  • Have Updated with current email marketing updates and security things
  • Capable of influencing customers and updated with industry trend
  • Knowing industry standards or compliance regulations

Top Reason to Choose an Email Campaign Manager

There can be different reasons for hiring an email marketer according to their purpose. There are a few top reasons to get email marketing services from us

1. Writing Headlines and Email Content For Customer 

Hire an Email Campaign Manager

A catchy headline or tweaking an old headline may increase your open rate 10X which results in higher sales and conversion. Also, conveying your message in the right way helps to influence customers to buy your product and at least check it out. Our email marketing team already has expertise in different industries, how the customer thinks, regulatory compliance, and clear messaging. 

But the things we follow while writing an email 

  • Craft email after researching about the content properly and business 
  • The message is clear, conscious, and customized
  • Follows all email security compliance 

2. Why Not Email Marketing Agency 

We are not saying email marketing agencies are wrong but hiring a dedicated email marketing manager only for your website may work better. An agency works on lots of projects with different clients, so they are not able to provide that focused support to your business. Also, the most interesting benefit is cost-efficiency with an email marketing manager you get. 

Our dedicated email marketer will provide service with better benefits than an email marketing agency. 

3. Automating Your Email Campaigns 

Hire an Email Campaign Manager

Save more with automation. There is no other way to generate higher ROI without spending too much time. Automating things like sending emails after a certain period, abundant carts, sign-up forms, collecting emails, thank you emails, etc. Our email manager can set up a complete email automation campaign for you that helps to retarget your customers better, makes a better brand recall value, and repetitive sales. But they make sure to follow all email guidelines that most new professionals miss. 

4. One-on-One Guidance to Business 

Hire an Email Campaign Manager

Many times small business owners don’t know how they can convert new customers, how to increase their email list, how to retain customers, and how to generate higher sales but affordable prices. You can get help from our email marketing manager if you have any doubts related to your email marketing campaign. 

Individuals, small business owners, and email marketers who want to run or improve their email campaigns can get guidance from our email marketer. 

5. We Make Sure to Follow All Email Compliances

This is the most complicated thing because a small mistake can ruin all your email marketing campaigns. You must have email expertise, updated with new rules, and technical knowledge to make your email marketing successful. They check each word before sending an email like any word and graphic against the email marketing law. 

We also make sure to maintain your domain reputation for higher email deliverability. Our experts do email verification before importing your email for sending. We remove unsubscribed emails to ensure a reduced email bounce rate. 

6. A/B Testing & Analytics

A/B Testing & Analytics

We can’t be right at any time in every email marketing campaign. But we can improve your conversion and sales by testing out different email marketing things. We always create different emails to target different audiences to find out which email works best. 

Mailerday also help in analyzing the whole email marketing performance to target your customers better. We analyze bounce rate, open rate, email deliverability, covert rate, and which email campaigns do not work well. 

7. Other Important Things Before Sending Emails 

There are lots of things that need to be followed for a successful email marketing campaign. Our email marketing manager helps to make the content better, follows all email security updates, researches the best email outline, and improves your email subscribe list. With us, you do not have to worry about the service you get from us. Other things like

  • Uses bulletproof VPS server to deliver higher emails 
  • We also offer DMCA-ignored dedicated server to target any type of audience
  • No matter how long your email list is we verify every email.
  • Developing a strategy for every business need
  • Removing unsubscribe emails 


An email marketing manager can be the right choice for business owners who want an affordable but effective solution. They will help you from setting up a new email marketing campaign to improving your existing campaign. They create high-converting emails, email automation, email analysis, and other small things. 

You do not need to go anywhere for your email marketing things. You can contact us today to discuss our email campaign strategy, solve any email doubts, and analyze what affects your sales. 

Mailerday is a Perfect Email Marketing Service provider to grow your business. You can either hire our Email Expert or use our email services including SMTP service, email verification, a bulletproof server, & DMCA-ignored bulletproof service. All services are affordable and have 24/7 support.


1. What skills does an email marketer need?

Answer: An effective email marketer needs skills such as copywriting, design, data analysis, understanding of email platforms, segmentation, A/B testing, and knowledge of email regulations. He is capable of identifying market demand, influencing people’s behavior, and creating a foolproof email marketing strategy.  Communication and adaptability are also crucial for successful email marketing. 

2. How can we hire an email marketing manager at a low cost?

Answer: To hire an email marketing manager at a lower cost consider freelancers, part-time roles, or hiring remotely. You can contact us to get the email marketing service you want and pay as per basis on that. Platforms like freelancing websites or job boards can connect you with skilled professionals seeking flexible arrangements.

3. Is getting guidance from an email marketer more beneficial than an agency?

Answer: It depends on your specific needs. An email marketer can provide personalized attention, a deeper understanding of your business, generate more ROI, and cost-effectiveness for smaller projects. Agencies, on the other hand, offer a broader range of services and resources.

4. Is email marketing dead?

Answer: Absoulyty No, email marketing is not dead. It remains a highly effective and direct way to communicate with your audience. However, success depends on adapting to changing trends, personalizing content, and ensuring compliance with email regulations. According to Constantcontract, the current email sent volume is near about 340.2 billion which is expected to reach 369.2 billion by 2026. 

5. How can we improve email deliverability?

Answer: There are many to follow to improve email deliverability, maintain a clean and engaged subscriber list, use a reputable email service provider, personalize content, avoid spam triggers, regularly monitor and remove inactive email addresses, and encourage subscribers to add your email to their contacts. Regularly check and follow email regulations.