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Strategies to Grow Your Email List 
Jan 19, 2024

In one line, you have to give Reasons to users to subscribe that’s it. You can learn these reasons here to grow your email list.

Growing your email list means your business is growing. The more email means the more potential customers are available to target. A growing email list of potential buyers can be a goldmine for you.

Human behavior has regularly involved over the last couple of decades around the online world. Right now, users have lots of possible options and it’s become difficult to target them.

We have to be more niche-focused, more creative, and more valuable to users.

So, let’s discuss 8 proven strategies to grow your email list.

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Why Should You Grow Your Email List?

It’s because to sustain your business.

Sending emails has been a proven marketing method for the last couple of decades. Email marketing is a perfect way to send updates, promote services, improve brand value, and sell more products.

Email continues to be a much more effective method for customer acquisition compared to the social media including Facebook and Twitter combined (according to the exhibit).

In every business, there are always new customers coming, and old customer lose their interest. So, you have to find out potential new customers.

If we want to sustain our business then it’s become compulsory to grow our email list.

8 Proven Strategies to Grow Email List

Let’s understand one by one

1. High-Quality Content

High-Quality Content 

You have to write valuable content for users that helps to simplify their lives, improve their knowledge, and solve any particular issue.

Make sure to write new content every time so users always WAIT for your emails.

There are many platforms available to build an audience via sharing your valuable content. They include

  • Publish on Websites
  • Linkedin For Professional People
  • Instagram and Facebook
  • Different Forums, Community, and Group

Whenever you update content on any platform you can notify users via email.

By producing real content, you can attract new people to your brand.

2. Giving Incentives To Your Subscriber

Giving Incentives Strategies to Grow Your Email List 

Creating a valuable offer or incentive will be a one-time hard work that can be sustained for many years.

These offers include PDFs, Courses, e-books, checklists, Coupon codes, and others. You can give these things to as many people as you want.

You can promote these incentives through different mediums including Websites, Social media channels, YouTube, communities, and others.

Here, content also plays a major role in the ranking of posts during search results.

The perfect example of this strategy is “HubSpot”. They are the master of this strategy. Every blog, they have a relevant incentive for users like PDF, e-book, or checklist.

3. Referral Program

Referral and word-of-mouth are highly cost-effective solutions to grow your email list rapidly.

The referral program is not effective for every type of niche, product, and service. 

This program is most effective for those who have a product or service attached to it. Referral will not work if you only want to grow your email list for high traffic.

For the referral program, you have a strong understanding of your market, product, & human behavior. Make sure your accounting should be great.

If someone buys your product or service through a referral that means those are your potential customers.

4. Host Webinars or Online Events

Host Webinars or Online Events

A webinar is a thing where you teach something valuable to your users.

There are lots of online platforms available like YouTube, Instagram, Linkedin, and forum communities. On these platforms, you can host a webinar to attract new people to share their email addresses.

This strategy becomes more interesting when you have decent followers on social media platforms. You can collect email lists of valuable customers from followers using webinar signup.

As per Live webinar statistics, the webinar is an effective strategy for identifying potential customers.  Also out of all the marketers, only 41% have done a webinar. However, a whopping 83% say it’s a good strategy.

5. Convert Social Media Followers

Almost every smartphone holder is available on social media. They are looking for someone who thinks like them and fulfills their needs.

Growing followers on different social media accounts is much easier than email. We can build followers here and reach out to them to sign up for your email account.

Taking the benefit of your social media followers to grow your email list is highly effective. You can convert your followers into an email subscriber.

  • Give them something valuable
  • Collect email by solving their queries 
  • Taking online classes 

Because your social media followers are already interested in your content, so converting those followers is much easier than others.

6. Partner with Other Brand

 Partner with Other Brand

Partnerships with other brands, social media influencers, and content creators in your niche are highly effective ways to reach out to the broader audience. These audiences might be interested in your product also because of the same niches.

Many times if you want to target a regional audience then a partnership is the only way to build trust. You can collect their email without spending too much time and money.

For Example: PayTm established different partnerships with many brands including clothes, tickets, bill payment, financing, etc.

Because PayTm has a huge audience size it helps their partners to reach out to a wider audience.

7. Run Contest and Giveaways

The giveaway is a quick way to boost your email list faster. But, make sure not to lose money for growing your email list until you are not earning from it.

Running contests and giveaways are also highly effective for branding. Your accounting should be really strong before running these things.

Giveaways are good if you want to grow your YouTube channel, social media followers, and email list.

For example, You are a web development solution teacher. Here, running contests and giveaways are the perfect options for you. You can run a contest & giveaways to find new students to teach them.

Giveaways will improve your audience on social media channels and YouTube.

8. Use Newsletter

Use Newsletter 

Newsletters are valuable information that you share every week or day with your email subscribers.

You can add a newsletter signup form on your website and social media channels. But right now this method is not as effective as previously discussed.

This is highly beneficial for education websites, teachers, and bloggers. You can create a pop-up form on the website and your blog post to collect emails.

The subscriber list depends on the trust you build for your content.

Hire an Email Marketer to Leverage Your Email List

Let’s say you collect lots of emails through different methods. But you struggle to reach out to them effectively for your product. The only solution to make a setup a perfect email marketing campaign is to hire an email marketing professional. You can reach out to Mailerday for a complete email marketing solution.

You expect from Mailerday one-on-one email support, building email strategy, setting up email automation campaigns, improving your existing campaign, and other small things. We offer everything from email authentication to monitoring your existing email campaign. Our email experts have decades of experience in creating strong email marketing strategies. You can reach out to us via different platforms to get a resolution of your service.


These above-discussed strategies are highly effective in growing your email list. Email list growth is highly effective who want to grow online. You can follow various methods to grow your email list. The two highly effective methods generating leads from various followers and referrals. Throughout different platforms, we publish regular content for our users.

Valuable content is the only thing to grow your email list, social media followers, and YouTube subscribers.

Mailerday is a Perfect Email Marketing Service provider to grow your business. You can either hire our Email Expert or use our email services including SMTP service, email verification, a bulletproof server, & DMCA-ignored bulletproof service. All services are affordable and have 24/7 support.


How much money we can expect from every 1$ we spend on email marketing?

As per litmus, The returns can range from $32 to $45 for every $1 invested in email marketing. For retail, e-commerce, and consumers, you might get back $45. If you’re in marketing, PR, or advertising, you could see a return of $42. In the software and technology field, expect around $36. If we talk about media, publishing, events, sports, and entertainment then the return is around $32. 

How can I grow my email list for free?

There are many free ways like building your audience on different social media platforms & publishing regular content on the website. Create engaging and valuable content to encourage visitors to subscribe. You can create a newsletter, or referral program, host a webinar, and run contests to grow your email list for free. 

Are email users still growing?

The Statista survey about email users shows that the number of expected emails will grow to 4.73 billion in 2026 from 4.26 billion in 2022. There is also the popularity of different applications, chatting apps, and software that plays a crucial part in this trend. Email continues to be a widely used and important communication tool for many businesses and individuals.

What is a realistic email list growth rate?

A realistic email list growth rate can vary around 1-5% per month. This takes into account factors like industry, audience engagement, and the strategies employed. It’s essential to focus on quality over quantity. You have to make sure that new subscribers are genuinely interested in your content or products.