How to Create Bulk Email Campaign With Bulletproof SMTP?

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How to Create Bulk Email Campaign With Bulletproof SMTP
May 18, 2024

If you want to create an illegal bulk email campaign then what are the options available for you? A trusted email solution provider like MailChimp and SendGrid will block your account if you are sending any illegal emails. However, creating your own bulletproof SMTP  server is the best option to create a bulk email campaign.

A bulletproof SMTP server also provides better-sending speed than others. Your email or account will not be affected by the DMCA rules and regulations.

Sending up an email campaign with trusted email marketing software requires almost the same steps on all platforms. But a bulletproof server required a few more steps for setting up an email marketing campaign.

Step 1. Choose a Bulletproof SMTP Server Provider

An email marketer already configured an SMTP server for you to create an email campaign without any extra effort. But here, you are required to configure a bulletproof SMTP on your server.

Find a bulletproof SMTP server provider like Mailerday to enjoy a better update and performance. Our server experts will help you with the configuration of an email campaign, creating an SMTP relay, and setup up an email platform.

Step 2. Setup of an Email Marketing Platform

While the configuration of a bulletproof SMTP server, you also need email marketing software on it to manage your email marketing campaign. There are low-cost email software like Mautic, and Mailwizz help us a lot to manage your bulk email marketing campaign.

A perfect bulletproof SMTP server service provider also provides help with the setup of the email platform. Some providers will only provide bulletproof servers and they charge setup feed extra. You have to select your provider wisely.

These platforms will provide many features like email setup, email template customization, sending analytics, email security, and many more. You can’t use email software like Mailchimp here.

Step 3. Authenticate Your Email

After setting up your email marketing platform, it is required to connect your domain name, email address, and email platform. Authentication is an important part of your email marketing to improve deliverability and avoid emails being marked as spam.

You have to add SPF, DMARC, and DKIM records to ensure maintaining domain reputation, security of emails, and better sending. This usually involves adding DNS records provided by Bulletproof SMTP to your domain’s DNS settings.

Also, you need to apply SSL certificate to ensure the encryption of emails and domain names.

Step 4. Upload an Email List

When you configure bulletproof SMTP with an email marketing platform and apply all email authentication, then it’s time to upload an email list. Now, you need to follow the same process of email sending.

Import your email list on the platform, segment it based on need, and add an email template to start sending emails.

The best part is that you can create your email template from the drag-and-drop tool. Add your email template to set up an email campaign.

Step 5. Test Your Campaign

Now, it is time to test the delivery of your email message. You have to add a few email addresses to test your email campaign.

If your emails are delivered properly to your email address, you can start sending bulk emails. But if your emails are flagged as SPAM, you need to fix all required things.

Step 6. Track, Analyse, and Improve

Sending emails is not email marketing. You have to track email delivery like click rate, bounce rate, unsubscribe rate, open rate, hard bounce, and ROI. You can also set up multiple email campaigns to understand which one is performing well.

Collect all data points and analyze what is performing well, what is not, and how to improve email delivery.

3 Things to consider to improve your Email Delivery

You have to consider a few improved points while creating your email template, adding DNS records, and avoiding IP blacklisting.

  1. Perfect Email Template

Creating an email template required an understanding of email delivery laws and algorithms. No doubt, you can send unlimited and any type of email with a bulletproof SMTP server but the acceptance of the email completely depends on the receiver’s protocol.

You need to follow all email compliance, make sure to avoid spam trigger words, and do not make any false guarantees. Your email should be clear, concise, clickable, and secure.

  1. IP warmup

The volume of your sending emails completely depends on your IP reputation. A reputed IP address is more capable of sending large amounts of emails whereas a new IP address has a higher chance of blacklisting and being flagged as spam.

For that, you can get help from an email provider to improve your IP address reputation. A bulletproof SMTP service comes with multiple IP addresses to ensure faster delivery, better delivery, and bulk email sending.

Here, you gradually need to improve sending of your email to avoid IP blacklisting and being flagged as spam. The bulletproof SMTP relay server offers IP rotation to send a higher volume of email without catching it as spam.

  1. Follow all Email Compliances

No doubt you follow email compliance or not, your service will keep running. A bulletproof SMTP relay only ensures the sending of an email message from the email client to the receiver’s server.

The acceptance of that email completely depends on the receivers’ protocol. They check if the email comes from a legitimate source or not. For example

  • Follow CAN-SPAM Act in the US, GDPR in Europe, CASL in Canada
  • Provide Clear Sender Information
  • Add Easy Unsubscribe Options
  • Don’t use spam words


Creating a bulk email campaign with a bulletproof SMTP server just required a few more steps. But it comes with lots of benefits in comparison to normal email marketing software. My recommendation is that you hire a bulletproof SMTP expert who can configure a bulletproof SMTP on your server with email software. Bulletproof SMTP is a little bit expensive due to the nature of the service.

Companies like Mailerday offer free email software setup with their bulletproof SMTP server. They provide a complete dashboard to manage your email campaign.