Terms of service



By reading these terms of conditions or terms of administrations you exclusively concur with all the administrations and entitled composed here. All records on our web servers are dependent upon the terms and conditions depicted right now. Under the particulars of this understanding, your position of data on our servers is an affirmation that you have perused, comprehend, and consent to the terms and conditions underneath.

The server your site is facilitated on will remain the property of ‘mailerDay’ consistently. Your record will be a ‘virtual server’ account and in like manner ‘MailerDay’ server is shared between clients.

MailerDay is the host, contact and administration name for all clients. We maintain whatever authority is needed to deny assistance to anybody. Any material that, in our judgment, finds foul, undermining, unlawful, or damages our terms of administration in any way might be expelled from our servers (or in any case handicapped), with or without notice. We likewise maintain whatever authority is needed to alter, improve and pull back our administrations whenever.

  • We run a paperless billing system. An email will be sent to the location you give us during join each time a receipt is raised. We give an elegance time of 3 days from the receipt due date.
  • MailerDay assumes no liability for any material set on its system.

The email system should not be used for the mass transfer of data or for virus transfer. No direct SMTP mailers are allowed.

A client may cancel his account at any time by requesting us online. In the case of mentioning a wiping out, we ask that customer to quickly clarify the explanations behind doing as such, just as any recommendations on how MailerDay could improve administration.

MailerDay is under no obligation or duty to constantly view each client’s activities to determine if a violation of this TOS has occurred. Accordingly, we do not assume any responsibility through our TOS to monitor or police Internet-related activities.

MailerDay will possibly explore suspicious exercises in the event that they are considered to disregard this understanding or to hurt any piece of the administrations, arrange or different customers. In the event that a customer is seen as in infringement, we have a lawful option to make any conceivable move against the individuals who did as such.

When we collect financial account information, such as credit card numbers, we protect its transmission through the use of encryption such as the Transport Layer Security (TLS) protocol.

While checkout using paypal for payment you will became subscriber of the mailerday for the service you bought. to go without subscription method use other payment method.

Subscription method can be canceled by you from your side and if you request on support we will cancel for you.

The client must provide MailerDay is real and current contact information at all times. The E-mail addresses and telephone contacts are used and in that order of preference.

You will be esteemed to have perused this Agreement and consent to be bound by this Agreement. This Agreement will supplant all proposition or earlier Agreements, oral or composed, and every single other correspondence between the gatherings identifying with the topic of this Agreement.

Thanks for reading our Terms of Conditions…!